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Alexandre Update - February 23, 2010


A Place of Hope Orphanage Blessed with Solar Power Donation!

The Lord is moving upon the hearts of people all over the country to help with the crisis in Haiti.  This earthquake has brought many to the realization that no matter how bad things may be for us personally, there are others who are struggling with far more devastating things in their lives than we are.   This spirit of sacrifice and giving has been witnessed by this ministry from the very first word of the tragedy.  Churches and individuals from all over this country have stepped forward to give sacrificially to help us rebuild and expand our ministry in Haiti.  But that spirit of giving has not been confined only to churches.  We received word this week that a Fortune 500 company has agreed to donate and install a solar power plant for the Place of Hope Orphan compound.  More details will be made public as they are available to us.  We praise the LORD that even in "Corporate America" the heart of compassion beats for those who are hurting so deeply!  Thank you for your gift to the ministry!

1.        The Bread of Life Feeding Center continues to serve the needy children of Port-au-Prince. Since the center reopened on February 8th, the attendance has steadily climbed from 109 to 130 children attending and receiving meals daily.  Thank you to all of those who have committed to help us with this vital ministry.  The cost to feed each child is 67¢ per day!  To feed each child for a month costs less than $17.50.  You can sponsor a child in the feeding center by following the link above and sending a request for information through the website. 

2.        Pray for a Medical Mission Trip that will begin March 15th.  Bro. Robin Webb and his team of physicians will be in Haiti through March 22nd.  They will set up a medical clinic and treat varying conditions during the time that they spend in Haiti.  There will be a surgeon, an OB/GYN, two Registered Nurses and two medical students on this trip.  Pray that the Lord will protect them from injury and illness during this trip.

3.        Bro. Dale Morrison and his medical team returned from a very fruitful medical mission on February 14th.  Hundreds of people were treated by the medical professionals who gave of themselves to invest their time and expertise in the lives of the people of Haiti.  Thank you for your sacrifice and willingness to be used of the LORD in such a needed ministry. 

4.        Sensing the incredible spiritual need, Jacques and a preacher friend have begun preaching in a nearby tent city that is the temporary home to over 40,000 people.  People here are responding to the gospel and being saved.  The desire is to found a permanent church among the residents who accept Christ in this place.  Please pray that those who get saved will be able to remain in this area of Port-au-Prince and become the foundation for a great ministry in the future.
5.         ****NEW TRIP DATES SCHEDULED - See Mission Trips Link******
Several mission trips are being planned by individual churches and college groups.  If you would like to go on a mission trip please contact us through the Mission Trip page and we will help you organize your trip.  If you have enough in your group to constitute a team, then we will be able to arrange a trip around your schedule.  If not, then we will give you the dates that trips are planned and find one that will work with your schedule.  Check the Mission Trips link on the web site often as new dates are being added regularly.