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The following buildings need to be constructed as soon as possible.  The construction costs have been estimated at $250,000.

The mission already owns sufficient land on which to build these structures.  The preliminary plan is to rebuild the
sanctuary on it's current site and build the Place of Hope Orphanage, the Bible Institue,dormatory, and
housing for Jacques and Marie on land that has yet to be developed.   

Housing for Jacques and Mari

               Their house was damaged beyond repair.  Housing for Jacques and Marie will be built on Bible
               Institute site. 

Sanctuary for Church to meet in Port-au-Prince

               The previous sanctuary was completely destroyed in the quake.  It will be necessary to remove the 
               entire structure and rebuild the building from the ground up.

The Place of Hope Orphanage

                Due to the unimaginable loss of life, thousands of children are left to fend for themselves.  Estimates 
                vary as to the number of children who have been orphaned as a result of the earthquake, but one thing
                is sure, the number is staggering.  The Lord has burdened our hearts to reach out to these who have
                no one left in this world.  Through the heartache and grief that is theirs to bear, we intend to provide a
                safe, inviting place to help them put their lives back together.  For those who have none, we will
                provide....A Place Of Hope!

           Bible Institute and Dormitory-

        The GREAT need of Haiti is the gospel of Jesus Christ.  No missionary endeavor can be successful
      unless new leaders are won to Christ and trained 
in spreading the gospel.  Jacques has trained many 
      men who are ready to 
invade Haiti with the gospel….many more are needed.  The Bible 
along with dormitories for students is a must for the mission to reach its goals of planting 
      churches in all regions of the Island.

Bread of Life Feeding Center
      Before the earthquake, the Bread of Life Feeding Center fed 100 children twice each day and provided
      schooling at no cost to the families who placed their children in our care.  Three of the children who 
      were part of this ministry did not survive the earthquake.  Because of the obvious disruption that the
      quake caused, we had to suspend this needed ministry.  However, we are pleased to announce the re-
      opening of the Bread of Life Feeding Center by the middle of February.  We will not provide schooling
      until we are able to rebuild adequate facilities to accommodate the school, but we will begin feeding
      again on February 15th.