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We are collecting items that are desperately needed in Haiti right now.  Local donations are being received at Tabernacle Baptist Church, 2500 West Randol Mill Road, Arlington, Texas 76012.  If you wish to mail items, you may send them to the church address listed above.  The church phone number is 817-460-4909.

We are going to need many volunteers to help us with each phase of the relief effort.  Currently all of Haiti is in crisis mode.  The daily struggle for life and well-being is tremendous.  Tens of thousands of people are living day to day with nothing but survival on their minds.  Currently we are seeking medical professionals who are willing to come and render aide that very well may be life saving. Food and clean water are most precious comodities right now.  After this crisis phase, we will enter a clean up and preparation phase.  The property must be made ready for the final phase, which will be reconstruction of our buildings.  In each phase of this effort we will be seeking to meet the physical and spiritual needs of the Haitians affected by this earthquake.

Because of the destruction that the earthquake brought upon Haiti, we are forced to rebuild many of the buildings that are necessary for our ministry to operate.  Our building needs can be seen by following the link to Construction Needs.  Please consider helping us as we seek to impact Haiti with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Consider becoming a "Nehemiah Project" Partner.  $8 per day will feed a worker and his family for a full DAY! 

          Sleeping bags
          Over-the-counter medical supplies:
               Cold Medicine
               Disinfecting solution
               Anti-biotic ointment, 
               Toothbrushes, etc…

      (preferably hand crank rechargeable)
Water purification tablets

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If you are interested in taking a mission trip to Haiti, follow this link to find out when our trips are scheduled.  If you have a group from your church of at least six individuals, then why not consider scheduling your own trip.  It is our desire to put teams on the ground in Haiti every other week for next year. 

The following trips are scheduled and being filled now.  If you are interested in going, click the link by the date of your choice and enter your contact infomation.  The trip coordinator will contact you within 24 hours.

March 15-22, 2010  -  MEDICAL MISSION - This trip will be primarily humanitarian in nature.  There will be plenty of opportunity for evanglistic work along with helping provide food and necessary items to those affected by the earthquake.

If you wish to send an offering to help in the recovery and rebuilding efforts, please send it to the following address. Every cent that is given will be deposited for Jacques’ use.

There are no administrative fees deducted from any contribution.

WBF Mission Office
P. O. Box 13459
Arlington, TX 76094
"Haiti Relief"